Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Granny!!!

Today would have been my Granny's 93rd Birthday and as I sit back and shed tears of happiness for her life and one of saddness for not being able to pick up the phone and call her when I forget an ingredent that goes in her oh so delicious peach cobbler, collard greens straight from the garden or her homemade biscuits and cakes!
I still honor her because she is the one that helped me cultivate this gift of cooking!!
I think back when I tried to cook my mom some catfish that I tried to make like my Granny's it looked so good and tasted so We ended ordering some take out that night!!
What I like about Granny is she didn't get mad if I made a mistake in the kitchen, she didn't make it seem like a chore when she was teaching me!!
To be honest I didn't even know I was being taught, I just loved being in the kitchen with her and watching her turn simple ingredents into masterpieces!!
I was my Granny's first grand child and I was the only child for about 13 years, now that doesn't include my cousins which were a plenty but I think we had a certain connection from me being the first born!!!
From time to time I know I will have a Granny story or two mixed into my blogs!
Cooking is an art and I was trained by a Master!
Thank you Granny...A piece of you forever lives on in my heart and my food!!!
Today, I do my happy dance for the gift that was left brewing deep inside of me!!!

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