Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A good tasting sausage!

I came across this Swaggerty's Farm Premium Sausage brand while at the grocery store a year ago! Now, i was a skeptic for sure but I figured I would cross my fingers and give it a try for 6.99!

Well, I am so glad I did it was tasty and fresh it also was better than some of the name brands that charge almost 10 dollars for a 30 count box!

You can get this product here in Chicago I know for sure at Save-A-Lot and one more thing the price has gone up to 7.29 but you still save and they have not cut down on the quality of these delicious sausage!

When I cook mine I make sure the skillet or pan is hot before I add the sausage then when I hear that sizzle I add a little water to keep the sausage moist, when the water evaporates I turn my sausage over and repeat! I do this a couple of times until my sausage is my desired color!

Make sure when you cook pork especially that it is cooked all the way through otherwise you can get sick! I try to make sure I can get a little spring when I press down on the meat but my spatula shouldn't sink into the meat!

I always say when in doubt pull one of the sausages from the pan and cut to the middle if u don't see any pink it's done!

Well, I sure do hope you enjoy and that this starts your day off with a Happy Dance I know it always makes me smile!


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