Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It maybe cold but Funnel Cake is always good...

I absolutely love love Funnel Cake but as the years have gone by the cost of this delightful treat has gone up to 12 to 14 dollars with all the toppings including ice cream and without its about 7-10 dollars so I had to find away to tickle my craving but also save some money!

I was truly surprised when I went to the local Dollar Tree and found some of the ingredients; the Mixture and powder sugar.  I went to the local grocery store and got the chocolate syrup(SN: you can get any syrup you like), chopped nuts, ice cream any flavor although I prefer vanilla when eating funnel cake!

It is very easy to make and very cost effective because you can make up to 5 funnel cakes with one box! So for the price of one at the fair I have and plenty to share with friends!

In the end I can do my happy dance for a fantastic recreated treat for half the cost!

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