Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fresh Cut Fries

I have always preferred fresh cut fries to frozen or a restaurant type fry until I came to Buffalo Joes on the North Side of Chicago!!!

Now the above picture is not from Buffalo Joes but one of my recreations and when you are cooking for a lot of people sometimes being able to create a great remake of your favorite place is always a good option!!!

I am always surprised and flattered when I hear people say you make some of the best homemade Fresh Cut Fries I have ever tasted!

Now, with my recreation I feel like I kicked it up a notch!!!

I always say depending on the size of the potato one per person is enough for one serving, especially if you don't want to go overboard on carbs but you just got to satisfy that hankering for carbs and salt!

Before I cut my potatoes I always clean them very well I actually use a veggie brush and clean off all the dirt from the surface.

After I clean the potato I take a sharp knife, my friends call it my sword because I have had this one knife since I was younger and just starting to feel my way through a kitchen.

You can also use a potato peeler but just make sure you don't skip the first step!

I think I'm going to have to take some pics and do some inserts but until then I hope I am explaining the process okay...smile

The quickest way to cut your potato is to have a potato slicer but if you don't you cut them lengthwise then cut them again to the size and/thickness you desire.

Make sure you have a bowl of cold water to place your potatoes in so that they don't turn brownish red from the air hitting them, I find that can change the taste and texture of my fries.

When you get down to your last two potatoes I would say depending on how fast you cut them, you can turn on the grease or oil!!!

Shortening(grease)still makes the best Fresh Cut Fries in my opinion but you can substitute with Canola, Vegetable or Corn oil!!

After, I finish cutting my last fry I stick it in the grease making sure that there is no water residue on the fry because water and hot grease doesn't mix.

If my fry begins to bubble then my grease is ready!!!

Here is a tip do not add to many fries to the pan make sure it is an even layer of fries if you are using a skillet!  If you are using a Fryer or a pot you can add a few more fries.!

Once you get the amount of fries that you want in the grease turn your fire down because I find that when you allow the fries to cook a little slower but still with an aggressive heat the true flavor of the potato comes out and then you get a nice golden brown color that has a crunch on the outside and a flavorful inside!

Please be careful when removing your fries from the grease because they will be hot and sometimes that grease likes to talk back to you and it is never fun having a grease burn!

add some salt or pepper and serve right away...That is always the best!!!

Now if you want to add a kick to your fries here is what I think is some of the ingredients in one of my favorite fries from Buffalo Joes!!

Garlic Powder
Red Pepper
Parsley Flakes

I don't have a measurement of the ingredients because it is one of those things that preference comes into play maybe you like more Garlic Powder than Salt or Pepper than Red Pepper...start with a little at a time(tsp) and mix it in a bowl before you start cutting and cooking your Fresh Cut Fries or while they are cooking because this seasoning mixture taste better when you apply it on the Fries right out of the grease!!

Play around with it, Have fun and see how you can discover new ways to make your fries explode on your tongue with flavor!!!

Oh yeah I'm sure you and your friends will be doing your very own happy dance!!!

Here is the link to Buffalo Joes one of my favorite little spots and remember if you do go they only take cash!!!



I am not responsible for any accidents or mishaps that may occur from someone using my tips or recipes!!! Please make sure you are careful anytime you are in the kitchen!

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